A Message to Business Owners & Managers

From J.T. Slaughter, Proprietor

Tak a moment and imagine with me the message you can send to your staff or your customers with your own gourmet coffee station:

When times are tough, how can you go the extra mile for your customers? By running yourself out of business with deep discounts? What about showing your customers their value was as simple as installing a no-fuss gourmet coffee station?

When times are tough, how do you motivate your staff and show them you care? You can't afford a pay-raise or bonuses. Let the simple pleasure of a hot tasty cup of coffee remind them they are a valued part of your company. A happy employee is a productive employee.

J.T's Coffee Service makes it easy and affordable to equip your office kitchen or lobby with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soups and juice.

Call to Action.

We install, supply and service your coffee station on-site. If you need it, you got it with J.T.

A Great Business Solution:

Tassimo T-300 Professional Single Cup Brewer System

Tassimo T-300 Coffee System depicted with Flavor Cartridge unit.